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Bentonville FAQ

Going forward, this Blog will be used for FAQ for Bentonville. Here is some greater detail into what we have planned:

Overall: Planning on staying at a very nice piece of property about 4 miles from the main event site and marching into the site. We have some specific vignettes that we aren't going to talk about in advance, but the essentials of what you need to know are in the above paragraph.

The March: The march is going to be less than half of what last year's march was. No blue lights from the Sheriff's Department escort this time, and we are attempting to find routes that will keep us off the pavement for as much of the march as possible. That being said, it's 2019 and just about everything in the area is paved, so worst case scenario, plan and train for hardtop.

Will there be civilians involved in this event? Yes. We are planning some vignettes and scenarios where correct civilians can practice their love of history as well. We hope to announce a civilian coordinator within the next two months. He/she will have 100% control over who gets accepted to participate. Please don't complain if your impression or the role your portray doesn't fit into the framework that we are collectively trying to create.

Will there be adequate water/food, etc? Yes. We pride ourselves in taking care of the health and welfare of everyone who participates in our events.

What will we do in the event of rain? Get wet. Sorry, bad joke. The camping locations are in wooded areas. You as a western Federal infantryman in March of 1865 should be a self-contained, veteran soldier and carry either a shelter half or an extra gum blanket with appropriate (correct) rope or twine which can be strung between trees for shelter, either on your own or with pards. Wagon support may happen, but it will be focused on rations, company cook pots, and ammunition, not on canvas, so don't bring a fly unless you can squeeze that bad boy into a double bag. The schedule will be followed unless the weather is dangerous.

What are the Impression Guidelines? In March of 1865, the 10th Iowa had not been resupplied since they left Savannah. Uniforms were in rough shape, so if you have pants with well-earned patches in the seat, or sack coats with repaired rips, that's a good choice. There is some room for documented civilian replacement gear, but don't show up looking like a circus clown. These men were still soldiers. Thorough impression guidelines will be linked on the event page as soon as possible. Rifles must be in good working condition. Dirty or rusty rifles are not going to be allowed on the field.

How many rounds do I need to bring? Can we get back to you on that one? Roll some arsenal packs, they don't go bad.

If I want to raise a company, who should I talk to? Andrew Jerram, We are going to reach out to folks who have supported 40 Rounds Events over the years and who we have worked well with, but there is always room for good company commanders. Our goal is to register 10 companies of 35-45, with the expectation that there will be some attrition before the event. A company should field 30 enlisted men on March 20th.

When will registration open? We are waiting for the event to determine the registration cost. We will do an all-inclusive registration which will include the event fee, rations, etc. so you don't have to register in two places.

Will we have time to go to the sutlers? Sigh. Yes. There will be some time on Saturday afternoon when you're not on duty. You can also go Friday after checking in with us but before you get on the shuttle for camp.

Will food be issued Friday night? No. Plan on either eating prior to arriving, or bringing food in your haversack for Friday night. Once you're in the Friday camp, the shuttle is not a two-way service. Rations will be issued beginning Saturday.

What if I want to do a specialty role? Don't call us, we will call you.

What if I am female who likes to dress like a guy? We are not the regiment you are looking for.

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