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FAQ Part 2

We get a lot of questions when we do these, so I will add Q&A as they arrive. Email your questions to or post them on the Facebook Page

Q: Why does it cost so much?

A: Here’s the breakdown:

-$20 is the event fee. We don’t have any say over this. Every participant has to pay this until 1/31 when it goes up to $25.

-$15-17 will go towards period rations

-$1.50 will go towards the insurance policy

-$1.50-$3 will go towards the cost of 1-2 wagons. (They’re expensive)

-Remainder will be added to our donation to Bentonville

Q: What is the cancellation/refund/substitution policy?

A: In years past we have worked really hard to send out refunds due to cancellations and substitutions. It makes for a LOT of work. In an effort to streamline things, keep a good eye on realistic numbers, we are asking that if you know you can’t make the event, that you let us know so we can cancel your registration. There will be no refunds for registrations. Your event fee will be donated in its entirety to the Bentonville Battlefield. If you cancel very close to the event, some portion of it may have already been allocated towards rations, etc. If you can’t go, help us do the most good and let us know.

Q: What are the minimum and maximum sizes for the companies?

A: We are shooting for a minimum of 30 registered and attending per company. The cap will be 45, which includes the officers. Once that 45 is hit, men can register as “Unassigned” and note that Company X is full, but I want to be in it, and they will be the first to fill if there are any cancellations. Company commanders can help immensely if they help notify us of cancellations.

Q: Where does the donation to Bentonville come from?

A: We try to look for cost savings everywhere we can and these add up. In addition, there is room for donations during registrations, special fundraisers, etc. In addition, this year we are doing a no refund policy on registrations. Cancelled registrations will be added to the donation to Bentonville.

Q: What should I do if I’ve never been to a progressive/campaigner event before?

A: If you are already tuned in with one of the groups who are raising a company, or a group of friends who are attending, have them look over your gear with you while referencing the impression guidelines. Campaigners are pretty good about helping new campaigners out with loaner gear. As an event however, we won’t compromise our standards for one more rifle in the ranks. We will have the largest battalion on the field as it is, but we want it to be the best.

Q: How long is the march going to be?

A: Shorter than last time. It will be mostly on routes through woods and fields, but there may be some unavoidable sections of blacktop. North Carolina in 2020 isn’t like it was back in the day. You and your gear need to be ready to march a realistic distance. If you can hike 8-10 miles in modern shoes, you should be ok. Start training now if you’re worried.

Q: What manual will we be using?

A: Casey’s

Q: What if I can’t do the march?

A: The march is an integral part of the experience. As such, the expectation is that everyone participates.

Q: Do we need entrenching tools?

A: For folks who attended last time, the battlefield is fairly easy to dig on. The fights happen on private land adjacent to the state park, so digging is allowed. Dependent on the scenario, we try to recreate what veteran soldiers did whenever a fight was anticipated and time allowed, that is we dug the best protection we could in a hurry. Entrenching tools help, but it can also be done with plates, cups, and bayonets. If you’ve got a shovel that’s easily carried, bring it! We will send out more details later.

Q: As a company commander, what do I need to know?

A: The drill will be based on the scenario. Once we know the scenarios, we will provide some advance drill basics that you will need to know. You should be intimately familiar with school of the company and have a good handle on school of the battalion. Please arrange within your company for someone to bring a set of tin kettles for company level cooking.

Q: What is the minimum age to participate?

A: Per the Bentonville Battlefield, no one under age 16 is allowed on the field. The only exceptions are functioning musicians. When we say functioning, we are going to leave that determination to our Principal Musician and his determination will be final.

Q: Are there Facebook pages for the individual companies?

A: If there are, they will be linked on the main page for Bentonville on the 40 Rounds page in the command structure section. If you’re a company commander and want to create one, please feel free to add Andrew Jerram or send it in an email to and I will add it.

Q: Do the event organizers get paid for this?

A: No. In fact, many of us come out of pocket (a lot) to put on events. Aside from the costs of site visits and planning trips, other administrative costs are covered by us. This includes stuff like website hosting and covering PayPal fees when people don’t register using Friends and Family.

Q: Will there be a T-shirt again this time?

A: YES. We are looking for new T-shirt designs and hope to have one ready for pre-order soon. We will be offering options where it can be pre-shipped to you, or where you can pick up at the event.

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