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In 2015, a veteran progressive reenactor began organizing an adjunct event for the 150th Battle of Bentonville. He wanted to honor the 10th Iowa Infantry and raise some money for the Bentonville Battlefield. 


With help from friends, the 10th Iowa was a big success. We raised money for Bentonville, we fought, we ate, and we did it all without drama, without prima donnas, and most of all, without compromise. Progressive reenactors dove into research and bought in to their adopted battalion. Shouts of "Root Hog or Die" echoed across sandy Carolina fields even as blistered feet ached from a 10 mile march.


During a post-event beer, the question was posed: what if the same drama-free concept could be applied to other events? What would be our guiding principles? Here is what we came up with:

1) Build SAFE events where men can enjoy themselves without jeopardizing their welfare.

2) TEACH something new at every event.

3) STANDARDS are a goal, not an obstacle.

4) The MEN are important, not the organizers or commanders. We are servants of hundreds of volunteers who give up time, money, and effort to participate and broaden their historical understanding, not to feed an ego.


It's the 21st Century. It's time that we organized events by using the technology and logistics that are needed to ensure a good event that can be enjoyed by everyone while building up our knowledge bank. 

Do You have a great event concept and access to a parcel of land to hold it? Do you need help getting your event off the ground? The event must be a progressive event focused on Western Theater of operations, and should not require extremely specialized impressions that require a large financial outlay for the average progressive reenactor. Even if we can't put it on our schedule, we can provide advice on planning and gearing up your event based on our experiences (and mistakes) Contact us at

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