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Step 1: Complete Release Form (Link) and Registration Form (Link)

Step 2: Send Release and Registration Form via email to or via USPS to Joseph Knight, 14 Conner Drive, Newnan, GA 30263

Step 3: Send $15 via Paypal (Friends and Family) to

Battle of Brown's Mill Living History:

-August 26-28, 2018

-Newnan, Georgia

The Battle of Brown's Mill was fought July 30, 1864, in Coweta County, Georgia, during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. Edward M. McCook's Union cavalry, on a daring raid to sever communications and supply lines in south-central Georgia, was defeated near Newnan, Georgia, by Confederate forces under Joseph Wheeler. The failure of McCook's column and a concurrent ill-fated raid by George Stoneman forced William T. Shermanto lay siege to the city of Atlanta. 

On August 24-26, 2018, The Armory Guards are hosting an invitation-only living history at the original battlefield focused on Moreland's Regiment of Alabama Cavalry (CS), the 4th Indiana Cavalry (US), and a section of US Horse-drawn artillery. 

This is a unique opportunity to interpret a critical juncture of the Atlanta campaign.  Moreland’s Regiment arrived in Newnan, GA by train, fought a skirmish at the Newnan Depot, then marched six miles on foot into battle on July 30, 1864. While designated as cavalry, they were functioning as infantry.

Please take time to read the uniform guidelines and register.  Participants who are not registered or who do not meet the guidelines will not be allowed to participate. 

    Impression Guidelines​

Moreland's Reg't of Alabama Cavalry (CS) (Link)

POC: Joe Knight,

4th Indiana Cavalry, US Cav (Link) 

POC: Myers Brown, or 615-598-8082.

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