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FAQ Part 3

Thanks for all the questions. Please feel free to ask on our Facebook page, or send them to

Q: Where is the registered list?

A: It's linked on the Bentonville page, and it's also available at Registered List

Q: Since this is an adjunct at a mainstream event (which means sutlers and food vendors) will there be "passes" for men to leave camp or are we advising men to stay in camp?

A: The BEST time is going to be Friday before guys shuttle out to the site. Our registration will be a close walk to the sutlers. There will be some time Saturday afternoon if guys want to get a pass and walk over, but it will be much further away and I can guarantee you will a) be tired, and b) miss out on some stuff in camp that will be WAY better than the sutlers.

Q: What should I do if I don't have PayPal?

A: At this time, we are only accepting PayPal. We don't have a separate checking account for 40 Rounds, and for transparency purposes, we publish all of our financials at the end of every event so you know every expense that we spend your money on. If you don't have PayPal, please get with your company commander. I'm sure they're willing to take your check and send the PayPal on your behalf.

Q: How many rounds should we bring?

A: Last Bentonville event, the average was about 60-80 per man. Last time, we had ammunition boxes and men turned in 40 rounds for re-issue at some point during the weekend, but it's almost impossible to get the right rounds back to the right person. Since some guys spend a LOT of time on their rounds and others.....don't, this time we are going to ask that you arrive with a full cartridge box and 2-4 correctly packaged ammunition packages either in your pack or in your bedroll. That way you have your rounds, and there isn't any wastage.

Q: Are Henry's or Spencer's allowed?

A: So far we can’t find any documentation of those weapons being used by the 10th Iowa at all. If you can find something contrary to what we have found, let us know and we will revise. For right now, let’s stick to rifle muskets.

Q: Where is the route march, how long is the route march, and what parts of the battlefield will we cross?

A: We worked really hard this go around to find a good route for our march into the event. It will be shorter than last times, and long enough that you need to be in relatively good shape in order to do this march. If you can march between 4-7 miles with your kit at a reasonable pace, you will be fine. As to which parts of the battlefield we will cross, well it's a surprise. We have some things up our sleeves and we aren't going to tell you everything.

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