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Website Update

Gentlemen, the 40R website has been updated, and a Bentonville page has been created. It's still pretty bare bones at this point, but there is a link to some of the research we retained from last time, as well as a brief overview. I'll let you know as we update further.

A big thanks to the Authentic Campaigner for creating their informal poll of the "Top 20 Authentic Events" of the past 20 years. We are very humbled that you all have helped vote Bentonville, Picket Post 2016, and Wauhatchie into the top 10. Good events don't work unless good people come and put in a good effort. Bentonville (# 2 on the list) is also the only one we are planning on doing again, PLUS, we've learned just a little bit from the past 5 years.

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