Bentonville Adjunct-10th Iowa, March 20-22, 2020

Who: You if you're up to it

What: A moving adjunct in conjunction with the 155th Bentonville Reenactment. You'll perform the duties of a soldier of the 10th Iowa, a veteran Western Federal regiment in the final months of the Civil War. You'll march several miles (majority on period roads or through open fields), you'll do picket duty, you'll have documented experiences. Show up to soldier. 

When: March 20-22, 2020.  You need to arrive on Friday March 20th and plan to stay until the conclusion of the event.

Where: Event parking will be at the Bentonville Battlefield.  You will be shuttled to an off-site location for Friday, and march into the area of the Battlefield on Saturday. 


We make no bones about our love for Bentonville.  A one-time event created an energy which created "40 Rounds Events."


The majority of the $10,000 that 40 Rounds Events has raised for preservation has gone to Bentonville to pay for new interpretive trails, interpretive signage, etc. Our goal for this event is $5,000.  Are you in? 

Command Structure

Col: Ivan Ingraham

Lt Col Taylor McCullen

Major: Will Eichler

Adj: Andrew Jerram

Sgt Major: Dennie Spence


Companies: Raised From/By

A: COMPANY CLOSED!  Illinois Wisconsin Iowa. (COLOR COMPANY), Scott Sheets


B: Western and Southern PA, central MD. Kyle Windahl




D: Virginians and Coastal: Rob Hodge/Skip Owens


E: CVG: Gad. C Parker

F: North Carolinians (1 of 2) Curt Coles


G: North Carolinians (2 of 2) Josh Stalls

H: Alton Jaeger Guards/Chris Bryant/Zac Hardin

I: Armory Guards and Friends, Paul Jerram

K: Possum Skinners, Stephen Lunsford